Top 10 Common Mistakes Most People Always Do When Using the Archery

Well, taking a bow and shoot it may seem to be easy to undertake. However, it is not simple like a piece of cake! If you have an opportunity to take part in an archery class, then you could hear someone ask their teacher that “Why I cannot shoot to the middle point?”

It is possible when they arrow a wrong way or they do not know how to hit the target precisely. Do not worry about this issue because many of us often make mistakes and so do you!

The chance is, if both of you recognize some wrong ways when shooting, you will modify by following the true guide like this article.

#1 – Have a wrong stance

Do your feet change position from shot to shot? This is your stance where you move your feet when bowing. This is also called your basic shot. So, your stance should be strong enough and stable from an arrow to arrow.

To make sure that point, you need to use the painter’s tape on the surface while practicing. If you take an open stance, you will put the tape down in order to align your foot and adjust your toe position in each shot.

Please bear in mind that your stance does not only impact on your feet position but also your balance when shooting. By creating your solid standard, you will have a more consistent structure for strong shots.

#2 – Get difficult targets

Before shooting, you definitely aim the middle point. However, when you think about it too much or you make a difficult target, you will be anxious. At that time, you have lots of sweats and you cannot stay focused on the target anymore.

According to Mr. Kisik Lee – a USA head coach indicates that this is a side effect of aiming too hard. Then, you will keep your archery longer. This is a good way to the practice time only. It should not apply to the competition field as you will lose your confidence in a couple of minutes.

#3 – Keep the archery too long

It is correct to hold your archery at a fixed time to prepare your full shot, but be sure to know the exact time you feel comfortable to hit the target. Each bower will have different usual time, so it is crucial to practice your skill on a daily basis to recognize this point.

#4 – Immediately shoots

If someone postpones their usual timing, then others often want to shoot their game immediately. In other words, an archer to see the way of an arrow catch to the target rather than pay attention to the shot process and complete their game.

They will haul the bow, drop their bow arm, choose their archery and do their way to accelerate their sight line. Do not rush as you cannot any challenge the middle point during your performance!

#5 – Know the wind

Hey, why should I recognize the wind while bowing? Some archers will raise this question when they hear a coach give this advice. The truth is the speed of wind could help you have a good hitting or worse.

Some archers said that they have to fight the wind while shooting and this makes them exhausted. In fact, you do not need to face the wind, you just need to understand and shoot it.

It is equally important that you should be confident and believe your aiming spot while hitting the target. You also need to forget the amount of wind and prevent this anxiety comes to your mind. Just do the best shot of your ability!

#6 – Prepare your equipment carefully

It is a nightmare when you shoot with a poor archery! Your archery is the key to help you meet your target and it can improve your performance at the same time. This is the reason experienced archers have to look around the shop and select their ideal equipment.

Know your form and your style in advance. Then, you view some products from other buyers and try to test it. If you have no idea how to select the right one, then you could consult a professional. A suitable archery will support you a lot during your game (especially in a competition).

#7 – Locate the anchor point

For entry-level archers, realizing the right anchor point is a daunting task. In general, the anchor point is a spot on your face and it is placed in the corner of your mouth. Sometimes, it happens below your chin.

To know the importance of a frequent anchor point, you should take into account how an anchor point does in a boat. Well, it holds the boat from moving and avoids all archers from moving their draw-hand in different marks when they shoot. Different anchor points allow you have different distances when shooting.

You enable to decide your anchor point and your instructor’s guidance. You need to draw the bowstring to suit the similar anchor point in every single arrow. If you feel something wrong, you should ask your coach to modify the right techniques to be more precise and regular.

#8 – Avoid pushing

Of course, you need to pull the archery to make a bow, but it does not mean a need to push it completely. You should pull with your back and make a bow from your hands and your shoulders at once. Do not just push the archery!

#9 – Complete the clicker

In fact, the clicker is not the final stage of a bow process. It is the beginning of a shot. The clicker helps you expand your confidence when hitting the middle point. To adjust the clicker accurately, you should move your elbow and bow your hand from each other. Please keep in mind that you need to keep this until you see the archery has landed. It is done!

#10 – Make elbow position in a wrong way

Draw attention to your elbow is also essential because it will impact on your bow and the way you shoot the target. Do not make a hard elbow as it makes a worse shot. Try to relax and adjust it flexible.

To wrap it up…

It is easy to bow the archery when you have some mistakes! To get the right techniques, ask your coach and practice the proper ones.