Golf, Golf and More Golf

December 8, 2017

Whenever Kent Hudson, the general manager of the Glasgow Hills Resort & Golf Club, wants to catch his breath, he heads for the course’s 17th fairway. “This place can bring you back to reality when the heat is on and you need 20 minutes,” he says. From that vantage point on Prince Edward Island’s newest golf course, he can see 80 km in any direction: the rolling hills dotted with farms, the island’s famous red soil, the sparkling waters of river and bay. He hopes the view along with a stunning design by famed course architect Les Furber will help investors recoup their $5-million stake in Glasgow Hills. Perhaps best of all is what Hudson can’t see from there: the three courses already operating nearby and another in the works a reminder of just how competitive the fight for golfing dollars has become on Prince Edward Island.

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Chips & putts: don’t lose the schmooze

June 26, 2017

This year, coporate hospitality at professional golf events isn’t what it used to be. But that doesn’t mean the business is in the dumps, either. In fact, sales directors at various PGA Tour events say that in the past few years, they’ve had about 80-percent retention of companies that rent air-conditioned and catered tents to entertain clients.

While The Heritage, a PGA event held each April in Hilton Head, SC, saw title sponsor Worldcom go into bankruptcy last year and take its multimillion-dollar commitment with it, the event has been able to hold on to most other corporate clients. “Many of our sponsors aren’t strictly local in nature, so we haven’t experienced attrition the way many other pro events around the country might have,” says Jeff Laben, sales director.

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Even normal folks can drive and putt: golf requires technique more than strength

March 26, 2017

Golf is one of the few sports that shorter, less muscular people can excel at, because the game requires more skill than strength. Marlene Stewart Streit is a good example. The five ft tall woman began golfing in 1952, and is still playing well in her sixties.

Golf is one of the few remaining civilized games in which a normal person–that is to say, anyone under six feet tall and, oh, 175 lb.–has a remote chance of winning in the upper reaches of competition.

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Master The Impact Zone

December 26, 2016

The swing of the average PGA Tour player bottoms out four inches in front of the ball,. The average swing bottom of a high-handicapper is an inch or so behind the ball. Considering the difference, it’s no wonder there are so many golfers who can’t meet their scoring goats. I wouldn’t even want to play if I couldn’t hit the bait solidly.

I believe a high-handicap golfer would reduce his or her average score by four strokes for every forward inch of improvement made on the swing bottom. In other words, if you want to break a scoring barrier, focus on improving your club’s position through the impact zone. This also applies to the short game.

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Best Golf Gifts For Christmas

March 25, 2014

When it comes to holiday gift giving it’s hard to determine in advance what’s hot and what’s not, what to stock, and what customers will buy and why. So many sports, so many levels of sport enthusiasts and, as a retailer, how do you figure out what customers will purchase? It is every retail buyers’ greatest challenge and probably keeps them awake at night trying to figure it out and keeping up with the flavor of the month.

Abraham Lincoln was once asked, “Mr. Lincoln, how long should a mans legs be?” To that Lincoln replied, “Long enough to reach the ground.” Everything is relative, continuously changing, and today’s luxury may be tomorrow’s necessity (think about refrigerators and microwaves) and it’s all based on different levels of expertise, ability and passion.

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