Fact: Women and Archery

When mentioning about archery, it immediately comes out on our mind the strongman image. But is it true that Archery is not spent for women? In fact, it is contrasty that women are getting used to with archery more and more.

Some of the main aspects will be mentioned in this article. After reading this article, I hope that you will find out whether you belong to archery world or not.

Number of archers

The first aspect I want to mention is the number of archers who are women is rising up. According to ATA (Archery Trade Association)’s survey, there are over than four million women, which is ⅓ of archers, are involved in archery. You can trust in this organization of archery as well as bowhunting field for their statistics.

So what will this fact lead to? They also conduct a lot of results. One of them can be the appearances of archery organizations and groups which are especially for women on SNS such as Twitter or Facebook as well as other forums and websites.

Therefore, if you are excited about archery, feel free to join these communities, you will have the chance to meet others who also have the desire for this sport.

Role Models in Archery for Female

There are a lot of role models in other famous sports, especially for men. It seems like a little bit hard to point out any models in archery for women. But no worry, in fact, there is a huge number of good archery models. For example, my hero, Crytal Gauvin. She inspires me by her attitude: When struggling with difficulties, just encourage yourself that you can do it. I suggest that you should check out more detail about her, one of the most inspiring heroes in archery (in my opinion).

Archery – You have to be strong?

You know that pulling bowstring is really hard, especially for women. In the first time I tried archery, I was so tired because of trying to pull the string. After that, I realized a lot of things about it.

The fact is on one thing which they called “draw weight”. It actually is the force amount which you need to take to pull the string. You can take this force step by step. For the beginning, you should take it from 15 pounds and try your best to rise up the level up to 60. You can ask your archery supervisor.

It will be so funny for couples who are into archery

I have seen a lot of my friends who have girlfriend/ boyfriend have the same hobby: archery. It will be so excited for them to have a date in the archery range. One of my friends told me that he was so proud of his girlfriend in her archery skills. It is incredible to have a partner who has the same passion with us. You can find out that, not only for men, women can play it so well.

Women are really keen on archery

The number of archers who are women has gone up in recent decades. Furthermore, a lot of manufacturers are now concentrating on producing products in archery for female. It is so exciting to see some pink bows or other similar things. In addition to this fact, there is a huge number of SNS groups or websites (as I mentioned before) voice out their slogans. Most of them are aimed at aspiring women to chase their dreams and hobby as well as helping train them to empower women in this sport.

Answer the question: Are you belong to this world?

If you are so crazy about archery but you quit it simply because you think it is spent for men. I think these facts in this article will partly help you. In first step, do not be hesitate to do whatever you want, just move forward and chase you dream as well as spend more time for this sport. In the next steps, you can choose for your self any helpers, from SNS communities, training centers or anyone who can be your supervisor in training process. After that, enjoy your practicing time with your hobby! You can see the result in short time, I guess.