Great gifts abound for upcoming holiday season

March 25, 2018

As we approach the biggest gift-giving season of the year, all kinds of gadgets pricey and inexpensive hit the marketplace. While some fall into the I-can’t-believe-anyone-would-actually-spend-money-on-that category, others are trendy and fall into the I-wish-I had-thought-of-that category. What might fad-loving business executives and professionals be wishing for this year? Stanley Wooten, the manager of Rex […]


Golf course navigation: Laser Rangefinder vs GPS

March 19, 2018

Well, for quite some time now there has been a debate about what technology one should use when on the golf course. Both of them are actually used for the same purpose only that they take different directions to arrive at the same result.With that being said, in this article, we are going to compare […]